No ID = No Race:

• Only kids 17 and under will be able to run without ID

How do I train for the Mud Run?

• Mud Runs are a great cross training activity. If you are already active, you do not have to do specific training to complete a mud run, especially if you are doing this for fun, camaraderie, and the cause.

• Core work, endurance running, flexibility training, and developing mobile strength (having a good power to weight ratio vs. pure lifting strength) are the best areas to focus on.

• The very best way to train is to live an active life-style that involves aerobic activity.

What should I bring to the Mud Run?

• Your ID, No ID = No Race!
• Sturdy Shoes
• Clothes That Can Get Dirty
• Your Own Towel…and A Change of Clothes
• A Sense of Adventure and a Team Focused Attitude!
• Nothing you want to lose (ie: earrings, contact lenses)
• You Appetite! The food is great!

I'm a team captain, how can I see my team members? 

• As a team captain, you have the ability to see all your team members, and other team statistics, through your team center. To access your team center, follow these steps:

• Open a web browser and navigate to
• Use your username and password to log into the team center.
• Once you log into the team center, you should have access to your team roster.

Will there be an area to get cleaned off afterwards? 

• Yes, there are rinsing stations and changing tents. Please bring your own towel and change of clothes.

Are dogs allowed?

• No, we do not allow dogs at the event. It is hard to predict what even the best trained dogs will do when they are in a crowd with thousands of people. • For their sake and yours, please leave them at home.

Will there be anything to drink?

• Water will be available at water stations on the mud run route, at the finish line, at the BBQ. Alcohol (BYO) is permitted in the tailgating area for those 21 and older.

Is Food Provided? 

• The BBQ which is provided to all participants is outstanding.
• If you need something prior to the mud run you are welcome to bring your own food.

Can I Purchase a T-shirt? 

• T-Shirts are provided to all participants who register before the deadline.
• Shirts are NOT provided to BBQ only participants.
• Kids mud run shirts are cotton shirts in either a youth large or youth extra large.
• Cotton Staff T-shirts are given to all volunteers.
• There might be shirts available for purchase the day of the mud run.

Can I run the Kids Mud Run with my kid? 

• Yes, parents and guardians may run the kids mud run with their child for no additional charge.

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